Tom Wilson

CD and Writer

"Once the idea comes good things follow."

I really like coming up with ideas. Ones that help solve business problems or create new opportunities. That’s the fun part. Once the idea comes good things follow. It’s that simple (and sometimes that difficult).

After uni I left Perth to see the world and got as far as Sydney where I spent the next 10 years. I was lucky enough to work on a lot of great clients in some really good agencies, like DMB&B and Leo Burnett. I also settled down, bought a house and started a family.

In 2003, the alluring call of Perth’s beaches and the promise of free babysitting brought me back. Since then I’ve worked at Marketforce, Gatecrasher and, more recently, Meerkats, where Adam and I teamed up.

It feels like I’ve worked on almost all the clients in Perth at one time or another and some of this work has been recognised at local, national and international award shows, which is nice.

The best part about these places was meeting and working with some really smart and talented people. We now collaborate with many of them at Kiosk. Everyone seems to be going out and doing their own thing, which is great for us because we can work with some of Perth’s best people.