Adam Cannell

CD and Art Director

"Great ideas drive great work."

Strategic and creative thinking.

I started working in graphic design in 2000 in Melbourne. I worked there for about three years before I moved back to Perth. I continued to work in graphic design for about another three years until I thought I’d try my hand at Award School – an industry run advertising course that is very competitive to get into.

So I got into Award School and was absolutely rubbish in the beginning. I seriously questioned my ability until it sort of clicked and I ended up winning. From there I worked at Gatecrasher for a year before I was offered a job at Meerkats. I was there for 6 years. I loved it and I learned a lot.

It was while I was at Meerkats that I met Tom in Cannes for the Advertising Festival. Of course I attended more of the lectures and workshops   

out of fear of having to give a talk about what I’d learnt when I got back. Tom attended more bars and restaurants out of fear that his BMI would get too low.

Soon after Tom and I teamed up at Meerkats where we worked together for the next couple of years. Then, in 2013, we opened Kiosk. Who wants to work for someone else when you can work for yourself and really drive what you believe in?

Tom and I both have a firm belief that ideas drive great work. If you don’t have a great idea then work won’t be as good as it could be. And since we started Kiosk we’ve been able to work with some awesome clients, and have fun doing what we love.